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The faces of trust

September 4, 2011
Diagram of the brain of a person with Alzheime...

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As Gramp’s memory goes, there are a few things that don’t surprise me.  I knew that he would forget my name and although I was a bit sad, I was not surprised when it happened.  I even laughed the first time he yelled, “hey you!” in the grocery store.

But, I have been surprised that he can still remember me as his caregiver.  I am proud when he looks for me in the grocery store and then drives his motorized cart down to shop with me.

As I read more about the stages of Alzheimers, I have learned that Gramps will hold onto faces and feelings longer than names.  I am thankful that my face still holds good memories and thoughts for him and that he feels like he can trust me.

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