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Lay your weary head to rest

September 5, 2011
A bottle of melatonin tablets

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Days seem much longer when I only got an hour of sleep the night before and sleep seems to be a constant battle in our home.  This month, we started gramps on melatonin to help him rest better. Although it seemed to be going pretty well, things came to a head this week.

He was waking up every night worried about the many people in his room. He would even have to get dressed and leave his room to give the people space or meet them in the living room. As the dreams got more vivid, and our nights got longer we doubled the dose of melatonin. Then one day, it struck us!

Melatonin sometimes gives people extremely vivid dreams and when your dreams tend to blur your reality, that can be very confusing. We are now happily off melatonin and sleeping through the night again. (FOR NOW.)

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