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The dream team

September 8, 2011
I've got your back kid

Image by Dottie Mae via Flickr

Some days it is like my sister and I are the dream team.  We swing up to the zoo and I jump out with the wheelchair.  She is ready to get Gramp’s car door and lend him an elbow. I am behind him before he can take a step.  She knows the exact words to reassure his fears and bring me back when it feels like things might fall apart.  We don’t have to speak or think because we already know.

Other days, she hates that I get to be here and I hate that she gets to be away.  I envy her job and she envy’s my involvement in Gramp’s life.  I wonder when I will be able to afford buying a house and she worries about the moments she is missing.

Most days I thank god that I have an impartial friend to turn to when things start to tip and my mind begins to swirl but as days get more difficult, I worry that our dream team might not make it through the next challenge…

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