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Where’s your mother?

September 10, 2011

Gramps usually knows I am an adult.  He helps me cook, listens when I ask him to do something, and looks for me when I leave a room.

Then there are the occasions when my mom and I spend the day with Gramps. The dynamic changes and Gramps remembers that I am a child.  (In my mid twenties, it is a bit odd to be a child again.)

When you are taking care of someone who thinks you aren’t old enough to take care of yourself, odd battles ensue.

Stop Sign

When will it turn green?

He will remind me how to drive my car:

“The sign says STOP!”

“But I came to a complete stop Gramps.”

“You have to wait for the sign to change to green.”

“It won’t change.  It’s a sign.”

“Maybe I should drive!”

Or when my bed time is:

“Where is your mother?”

“She went to bed.”

“Why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“Because it is only 10pm.”

“Go to bed before your mother sees you!”

But when Gramps wakes up and it is just the two of us again, he doesn’t mind that I am cooking breakfast and helping him get ready and when mom returns, I can relax while she answers the hard questions.

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