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A Real Job

September 12, 2011
A Real Job

Maybe I'd Get Some Sleep at A Real Job

While my friends settle into their jobs and begin to save for retirement, I get to field a lot of questions about my plans for the future.  I know that I’m a bit old to live at home and that an education is a sad thing to waste.  I also know that buying a home is a wonderful investment and living with your family at my age seems odd.  I know what someone my age should be doing with their life.

I’ve been told that it’s not a real job when it doesn’t have regular hours but it sure feels real when I wake up at 6am.  I know that real jobs have retirement and insurance benefits. I’ve heard that they usually pay overtime and I might not get paid extra but I definitely work over time.

I guess it may not be a real job but I’m happy playing around with Gramps until I get to enjoy long hours behind a desk.

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