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The Great Shower Battles

September 14, 2011


The Alzheimer’s Association says that bathing can be one of the most difficult personal care activities.  For my Gramps showers were a combination of a court case and a magic trick.  Asking him to take a shower never worked.  No matter what time it was, he had already showered.

In the beginning, we tried these persuasions with some success:

1.      The water just came back on and you better hop.

2.      We are going out for dessert so you might want to shower.

3.      You just turned the water on in the bathroom. Are you taking a shower?

4.      The laundry finished and I have a clean towel for you to shower with.

Then we all took a road trip together.  During our trip, all of his clothes were in a suitcase and he could never find them in the morning.  We were woken every morning by my pajama clad grandpa searching for his clothes.  The first day, mom handed him his towel and asked if he wanted a shower.  He hopped right in!

We had been missing the connection all along.  If he was already dressed, his mind said that he had already showered but if he was wearing pajamas, we were in luck. When we got home, we took all of his clothes out of his room and put them in the next bedroom.  Now each morning when we hear him looking for his clothes, we offer a towel and our day begins on the right foot!

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  1. September 14, 2011 8:54 am

    Genius!! I guess ‘trial and error’ and luck are all going to help us along the way!

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