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A Short One Act Play Staring Gramps

September 19, 2011
Fairbamks - License Plate COLD (Closeup)

Image by roger4336 via Flickr

Scene opens with interior of small car at a busy intersection.  Two men occupy the front seats,  one very old.  A woman is in the back seat.  The driver speaks:

Driver:  “Gosh look at that license plate! They are a long way from home!”
Gramps: ” ‘Alaska’, I think that is spelled wrong.”
Driver:  “No, that’s correct.”
Gramps:  “I think it has a ‘T’ in it.”
Driver:  “No. there is no ‘T’.”
Gramps:  “Maybe…”
Driver:  “No, Dad that’s correct.  The State of Alaska makes those plates and they know how to spell their state name.”
Driver:  “We’ll see…”
Curtain falls on exasperated driver.

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