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No News Is Good News

September 26, 2011
New York Times

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It was in September of 2006 when Dad called extremely upset.  He was watching the news about a terrible situation in New York.  Planes were flying into the twin towers.  He was frantic about what he was seeing.

Of course he had no memory of the actual event. He was living it all over again with all of the emotions we had felt in 2001.  Fortunately he had a live in caregiver who was directed to turn the TV off and do something fun.

Dad once followed the news daily. He enjoyed discussions about world and national events, politics, and history. Over time it became increasingly difficult to put what he heard in context.  Watching the news would result in questions and frustration.

This year on September 11th I wanted to watch some of the events and tributes.  I realized that turning them on would upset Dad.  So, the television remained off all day.

Since we have stopped watching the news I am feeling very isolated from the world.  I really need to find time to stay on top of what is happening out there.  There are just not enough hours in the day.

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