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Puppy Love

September 30, 2011
Puppy in the grass

Image by justmakeit via Flickr

For as long as I can remember there have been dogs at my parents’ house, usually a Cocker Spaniel.  For a short period, just around the time Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there was no dog.  Then one day, Dad arrived with a cute little puppy wearing a big red bow. Mom was in love immediately.

They called her Peanut because that’s how big she was.  Peanut became a permanent fixture on Mom’s lap.  Peanut was also Mom’s main topic of conversation and an easy explanation for missing key points in conversations.

After Mom died in 1999 Peanut became Dad’s dog.  She took up residence on his lap.  Now there was someone to share his ice cream and listen to his grief.

As Dad began to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Peanut became his main topic of conversation.  She was introduced as his girl friend and he didn’t want to go places if she couldn’t go along.  What a comfort she had become.

Peanut died this last January.  It was a very difficult day for Dad.  There are still days when he looks for her or tells me that she is still in Michigan and he needs to go get her.  It makes him sad again when I have to tell him she died.

I wish I could be the one to bring home a cute little blond puppy but our lives are too full already.

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