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We Live in the Moment

October 2, 2011

Image by humble newbie via Flickr

No Really, I Mean THIS Moment!

Dad lives in the moment. He has very little memory of his childhood or mine.  His years in school and flying during World War II have disappeared.  His wife of 53 years is someone he didn’t know very well. Old friends have disappeared.  Yesterday, and even this morning’s breakfast, is gone.

If Dad is left to direct a conversation it will typically include about five sentences with questions that we continue through in an endless loop.  Frequently just one question follows another and each answer is immediately forgotten.

But if you can talk to him about what he is seeing or doing right now, you can have a conversation.  He loves to go for drives and talk about what he sees.  He’ll point out the houses and unusual buildings.  He’ll tell you about the beautiful tree.  Bigger is always better.  He loves the clouds.  He’ll tell you which are better to fly through and where the storm is coming from.

Sometimes, it’s nice to live in the moment and not have to think about life’s daily frustrations. So we live in the moment together.  We watch babies, we notice beautiful flowers, and we try to make each day special.

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