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Why Are You Kids Still Awake?

October 9, 2011

Why are you kids still awake?  Are you old enough to drive?  Does your mother know what you are doing? Are you suppose to be using the grill? You can’t go into the pool until your mother gets home.  No, you can not drink that beer.

To Dad they are still little kids that need supervision and certainly shouldn’t be up at 11pm.

As a parent of four, grandparent of five and uncle to large numbers, parenting is something Dad has been very involved with.  Those old responsibilities are still very strong.  He doesn’t realize that they are all in their mid twenties and most are stubbornly independent.  Sadly, they have all experienced his anger when doing things that children shouldn’t do.

Helping them to see that he is trying to protect them and that his comments and discipline come from love have been important to helping them to know and respect their grandfather. They have each spent time getting to know and respect who he once was.  Now they are learning to spend time with him in a way they can all enjoy.

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