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Relearning the Rules

October 10, 2011

We were taught never to  lie.  It was very clear. If Mom or Dad caught any of us in a lie we would definitely be punished.  I learned the rule and took it to heart. I never was a very good liar anyway.

Now I lie to Dad regularly.  I am a real pro!

Recently my brother, Frank, responded to a question form Dad with complete honesty.  It was a minor thing.  But Dad became angry at Frank and agitated by the situation.

Frank and I had a long talk about lying.  I explained that I regularly lie to Dad when there is no need for him to know the truth and that I know that specific information will upset or confuse him.

Poor Frank he was really just abiding by the rules we had all been taught.  However, sometimes a lie really is the best answer.

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