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Everyone Likes to be Useful

October 12, 2011

“I’ll clear the table.”  “Let me carry that for you.”  “Should I sweep the floor now?”  “What can I do to help?” Dad is always offering to help around the house.  When he is busy and helping, he is happy.

There are lots of jobs that are his now.  He sorts the socks and folds the towels.  He helps with the cooking and wipes the counters.  Dad likes to sweep so he takes care of sweeping inside and out.  He also empties the dishwasher.

I can be a bit particular about the way things are done.  Sometimes, without him knowing,  I end up refolding things and rearranging the kitchen.

I am always looking at tasks with an eye towards adapting it for Dad.  There are task that I have given him that I find out he can’t do. If he gets confused or frustrated I join him and we do the job together.

Dad wants to contribute to the household.  It makes him happy when he does.  So I’ll keep looking for things he can do to help and keep reminding myself that the towels don’t need to be folded perfectly.

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