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Where’s the fork?

October 20, 2011

Every time I go out for sushi, I think of Gramps.  I love sushi.  It’s fun to eat, I like the taste, and I love the challenge of who can eat the most wasabi.  Don’t worry, Gramps didn’t eat any wasabi.

We were walking around one day and I decided that I could really go for sushi.  Gramps loves eating out so he didn’t protest.  He might protest next time.

I explained the chopsticks at the table and he explained how stupid it was to eat with sticks.  Luckily, the waiter got us forks.

The sushi roll kept falling apart when Gramps cut it and although I hid the wasabi, he took a nice forkful of ginger before I noticed.

It was probably one of my favorite meals with Gramps but I don’t think he’ll be eating sushi anytime soon.

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