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Swimming Laps Again!

October 21, 2011

Dad’s love for the water started early.  Swimming at Camp Waters led to the high school swim team and then to a job as a life guard a the local country club.  He loved to swim and I have many memories of being with him in Lake Michigan.  At one point Dad built a pool next to his house and enclosed it the following year.  Unfortunately I had left home by then ;(    He would swim a mile of laps every morning for years.  Whenever the family gathered we would all end up in the pool.  It was obvious that he loved being in the water.

Dad hadn’t been in the water for years. The house with the pool had been sold.  It is really understandable if you think about how cold Lake Michigan can be – even at the end of the summer 74 degrees is typical.

One of the best things about our home in Arizona is the Pool.  I tried for years to convince Dad to swim with me but never succeeded.  One afternoon we were sitting outside reading and getting warmer and warmer.  I told Dad I was going to go for a swim to cool of and asked him to come along.  He finally agreed!!

It was wonderful!  Dad got right in and in no time was swimming laps.  He was playful and happy treading water, doing jumping jacks, swimming to the bottom of the pool and splashing everyone.  Repeatedly Dad would say “I think I’ll swim some laps”.  I believe that in total he swam about 30 laps in the beautiful, perfect Australian crawl I’ve seen so many times before.  We have been swimming every day since.

Such fun, such memories awaken!

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  1. October 21, 2011 9:04 am

    I love that you have so many things you find joy in with your father – and that he finds joy in it too. That has been our challenge – asking Dad to let go some of his passions (hunting, sailing) and find things he can enjoy and still do safely.

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