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It Has Been a Month Today

October 31, 2011
Red sunset

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Dad moved into the independent living facility a month ago today.

I spend time with him everyday.  Sometimes I just stop in for a half hour.  Other times we go out together to run errands or go to a museum.  Now, I can enjoy our time together.  I have the patience that is needed to make sure that he is happy and engaged in what we are doing.

My house is mine again.  The room that has been his for the last four years is an office again.  My computer is on the desk instead of in my daughters room.  The drawers are organized again.  All of the papers that keep appearing are under control again, rather than stacked in a corner.

I have time alone.  Time to do whatever I want.  I can makes clothes for my daughters for Christmas.  I can substitute teach a couple of days a week.   I can sit in the yard with my book and watch the sunset.  I can relax and know that he is being well cared for.

My whole world has changed this month.  I think we are both happier now.

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