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Time to Go North

November 2, 2011

Dad has collected all of the photos off the walls and his books in stacks on his desk. His clothes are in piles on his bed.  He begins carrying these piles though the house to put in his car.  It’s a daily event.  Dad is ready to go north, to return to his house in Michigan.

This usually results in a long discussion about the plan to spend the winter in Arizona and go north for the summer and an explanation of what the current month was.  It was a long process and everyone ended up frustrated.

Now, I tell Dad his breakfast is ready and ask him to set his things down.  While he is eating breakfast I return things to his room, hang the pictures, put the books on his desk and put the clothes away.  As the days activities unfold the need to go North is forgotten.

All Packed Up

Image by zayzayem via Flickr

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