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Is This Mine?

November 10, 2011
He doesn’t like to wear anything that isn’t his.  When we lend him a jacket we answer his question by saying it is his so that he doesn’t take it off and freeze. We may even remind him that it was a present last Christmas or that his granddaughter gave it to him.
We take books wherever we go.  Dad sets them aside in a waiting room and I am lucky if I remember to grab them before we go.  As I hand him his favorite books, he needs to be reminded that they are his.  As we leave the store, I always reassure him that the wheelchair is his and we can take it to the car.
But some days, everything is his.  He takes my books to his bedroom and wonders when he bought my daughter’s dog.
I guess I’ll stay sharp since he always keeps me guessing about how to reassure him.
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