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Locked in

November 18, 2011

As Dad became more confused he began to wander.  He would go out to look for his car, to see the lake, or to find the people he had been dreaming about.

It was not a real big problem during the day when someone was with him. But one night at 3 am he woke up from a dream and went outside looking for the people who had just left. We were lucky that we heard the front door open.

The day that I left him reading in the yard and found him walking down the road to check on the road work made me recognize the risks.

We put padlocks on the gates so that the yard was secure.  We put alarms on the front door and the door into the garage.  It was a relief to know that he couldn’t leave without my knowing.

As we looked at a care facility, I took this into consideration. I asked about wandering and learned about a bracelet he can wear that locks doors when he tries to leave.

I am glad that I learned early how important locking doors are to his safety and am glad we picked a place that allows him the freedom he is used to while assuring his safety.

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