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November 20, 2011

Mom and Dad were always volunteering, anything from serving on the local school board to stocking shelves at a thrift store.  It was a big part of their lives. As kids we all learned the personal rewards of volunteering.

Dad still wants to be active and obviously enjoys being helpful. So he has become an active volunteer for  a small local non-profit.  We go together once or twice a week.  The staff always have something for us to do.    They have adopted Dad. They all call him Gramps and work hard to find things for him to do.

Recently Dad brought a large box of contributions envelops back to the Villas.  His job is to fold the envelops so that they can be inserted into a larger envelope with a letter.  The staff have been wonderful at setting him up to work in the library.  Now he can be working in his own home and still feel useful.

I am lucky Dad taught me about volunteering so that I can help him continue contributing and enjoying helping others.

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  1. April 13, 2012 2:19 pm

    Volunteering is so important for seniors, as it not only makes them feel good, it gives them a sense of purpose, and in a way grounds them. Your dad is really lucky that you not only took the time to find something that is meaningful for him, but that you also take time to go with him. It sounds like the facility where you two volunteer is truly caring.

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