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Men DO NOT Take Care of Other Men

April 24, 2013

Dad has never really said it, but you can quickly tell that accepting personal help from another man is unacceptable.  A suggestion is okay but never physical assistance.  Dad has become verbally aggressive with both my brother and my nephew when they have attempted to take a caregiver role.

I’m not sure where this comes from, but I know it is a deep seated reality with Dad.  We make sure not to create these situations any more.

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  1. August 28, 2013 8:22 pm

    First, thank you for reading and for commenting on my post. I’m sure his objection of men helping men comes from his his childhood. His generation it was not manly to be a nurse, home maker or any position similar to those, they were “Reserved” for a woman. I would say that my (49 yrs. old)generation is this first to start changing those thoughts and where men are nurses, house keepers, caregivers and are in many more positions which were normally set for women. My grandfather was the same way through his entire life. Things they are a changing.

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