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Is this it……

September 16, 2013

The call came at 7:30 am.  Dad had a grand mal seizure during breakfast.  I immediately went over to the home.  He was still at the breakfast table.  Shortly after I arrived he had another seizure.  At 2 pm he was asleep in his lounge chair when he had his 5th seizure.  The Hospice nurse, the Head Nurse for the home, Beth and I were all there when it happened.   We all knew it was a serious situation.  We agreed that we needed to determine how many seizures he was actually having.  There was obviously no way for the staff to provide the monitoring that was needed. Beth and I decided that for the next 24 hours one of us would be awake with him.  At dinner that night Dad was unable to lift his arms or hold a fork.  Beth feed him dinner.

While I sat with him as he slept I called my brothers and sister.  I explained what was happening and shared my concern that we had reached the end.  I braced myself for what was coming.  All of the necessary arrangements are in place but getting through the steps would still be hard.

There were no more seizures.  By the third day we could see that he was beginning to rebound.  He was more alert.  He was feeding himself even though it was messy and there was little control of the fork.

The crisis had passed. I was emotionally exhausted and depressed.

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  1. September 20, 2013 9:10 am

    Wow, hang in there. I suspect the roller coaster ride is harder than dealing with the real end of the story..

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