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Much More Than a Caregiver

December 30, 2013

Joyce worked for Dad for several years. We all got to know her at that time.  Even after they no longer worked together Dad and Joyce stayed in touch and became friends.  After Dad was diagnosed Joyce would stop by to help him out or offer a ride to the store.

As it became obvious that Dad needed more help I realized that Joyce would be  the perfect answer to our needs. Joyce was already working from home while taking care of her mother who had dementia. It would be a natural fit for Joyce and her mother to visit dad at his summer home.

Dad would not have been happy with any suggestion that he couldn’t live alone any more. But he was thrilled to have the company and was happy to help Joyce take care of her mother. They did everything together; the shopping, cooking, yard work, everything! Joyce even worked with dad in the shop to keep him safe while he was creating things. Their days were always full.

She was so much more than a caregiver, she was a friend.

We were so lucky to have her!

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