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Our Last Ride

January 7, 2014

Dad has always enjoyed car rides. He loves to see the sights. For years now we have gone for drives on a regular basis. Sometimes we have errands to run and our drives are purposeful. But many of our trips are simply sightseeing. Dad points out the buildings he likes and the ones that he finds ugly. Clouds are always significant. Big trees are important too.

Today we had a doctor’s appointment and I planned some time for sightseeing before returning to the Inn. Dad was very confused about getting into the car. He couldn’t quite figure out the process, he kept trying to step into the car. Explaining to him that he needed to sit down first confused him even more. It was a long and tiring process.

As we were driving around after the doctor I realized that Dad wasn’t enjoying the sights. He wasn’t looking at the houses or trees of clouds. He was just sitting. We were both exhausted when we arrived at the Inn.

As I drove away I realized that was our last car ride. I can no longer take Dad out for rides by myself. I also recognized that it was no longer something Dad enjoyed.

I’ll miss our adventures.

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  1. Carrie Huff permalink
    January 7, 2014 9:45 pm

    So sad. I know that you had many happy memories in the car. I will always remember, “Ready on the right!” I am sorry that you are having to experience this letting go, one painful piece at a time. It’s just not fair! xoxo, Carrie

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