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Coming Home

My grandfather has always been a part of my life.   But since I was 19, he has become a much larger presence.  Around my sophomore year of college, he started showing signs of Alzheimer’s and needing more support.

For 4 years, we hired a caretaker who assisted him in cooking and cleaning while our family helped to provide her with vacations.  I spent my summers and winters visiting him in Michigan.  We sat on the porch, cooked together, and I listened to stories of his life.

As his disease has progressed and his care has become more complicated, we have decided to move Gramps into our home.  In the beginning, my mom provided all of his care.  She was amazingly kind and patient.  I moved home after college and work with my mom to provide him full time care.  Some days are exceptionally hard but he continues to teach me patience and love each day.

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