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The Greatest Comfort Food

October 14, 2011
Chocolate ice cream


What tops your list of comfort foods?  I am guessing that ice cream is on there.  It is definitely on mine – perhaps even at the top.

There is nothing Dad likes more than a chocolate milkshake or a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  Throw in a little chocolate sauce and he is thrilled. Ice cream is definitely at the top of his list.

These days the only food that Dad will ask for is ice cream.  When he is hungry it is ice cream he wants.  When he goes looking for food, he is always looking in the freezer.  I don’t know that he remembers the name of any other food but who would want to when you always get ice cream?

Isn’t it wonderful to have your favorite comfort food every day?  At his age a lot of ice cream is a wonderful idea and I just might join him.

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